When It Hits

by OC45

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released September 8, 2013



all rights reserved


OC45 Boston, Massachusetts

OC45 is a D.I.Y. punk band from Boston, MA. New full-length, "Happy Accidents" out 1/27/17. Check out www.OC45sucks.com for news, tour dates, and more.


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Track Name: Robbery
I got no wife and I got no kids,
I got two jobs, yet I can barely live.
I got an endless stack of bills and I'm down to the wire,
I'm already drowning, but the water's climbing higher.
I need something else, I need to get a clue,
I need to make some money, but I don't know what to do.
Until I overhear the news about a man in a mask,
At a Seven Eleven with a gun and a bag,
Made a couple threats and left with everything they had.

Time tick's by, days march on,
The only things I've got are a dream and a song.
I'm all outta food and my livingroom's cold,
I look for shit to sell, but all my shit's already sold.
I got a hot cup of coffee and a lukewarm plan,
My back's against the wall and it's time be a man.
The sun's going down and my heartrate's picking up,
I got a loaded .45 that I ain't afraid to use,
Before you go judging, put yourself in my shoes.

Darkness falls, there's a steady sound rain,
My pulse is pounding like a drum in my brain.
What I wouldn't give to have some ice in my veins,
The weight of steel's like a ball and a chain.
Waiting by the station, with an eye out for my prey,
Spot a pretty girl and she's walking my way.
She's heading toward the path and she seems to be alone,
She doesn't even notice me, her mind's on her phone.
And I said, "Alright baby, why don't you gimme that purse,
The last thing I want to do is put you in a hearse."
I wouldn't bet my life on who was more afraid that night,
But when time's get tough and you gotta take the make a move,
It's survival of the fittest, we've all got something to prove.

This is a robbery!
So, put your hands up for me!
This is a robbery!
This is a robbery!
This is a robbery!
So, give me all your money!
This is a robbery!
Track Name: Silk Noose
You're marching up State St. toward Hell, 9 to 5,
Silk noose 'round your neck, yeah, you're barely alive,
One whiff of your paycheck, mandane's justified,
You're damn far from living, you merely survive...

Woahhhhh, Say can you see?
Your American Dream,
Means nothing to me...

Don't think for a minute (that) you're better than me,
'Cuz I ain't got a sportscar or big-screen TV,
The best things in life may not always be free,
But are they worth being a fucking zombie?

Woahhhhh, Say can you see?
Your American Dream,
Means nothing to me...

(Scream in the background)
SO WHAT! I meet my ends!
SO WHAT! I've got my friends!
SO WHAT! If I ain't rich!
SO WHAT! The world's my bitch!

Society's message (is) getting outta control,
And it seems every motherfucker's got a hole in his soul,
Ya get a job, get a house, get a ring, get a wife,
Is that the way you really wanna live your life?

Far be it from me to tell you how to act,
But if ya grow up too fast, it's fucking tough to go back,
Stay hungry, stay foolish, don't settle for shit,
Because money, in the end, won't help you a bit.

SO WHAT! I meet my ends!
SO WHAT! I've got my friends!
SO WHAT! If I ain't rich!
SO WHAT! The world's my bitch!
Track Name: Strong Coffee
Strong Coffee, weak checks,
From one job to the next,
Get out of work, get fucking wrecked,
I just can't go on like this...

[V 1]
I woke up in a haze,
Seems to be the trend these days.
Feels like there's no way out,
(Of) this viscious cycle that I can't live without.

[V 2]
I skate to Davis Square,
I hit some cracks and fall twice before I'm there.
Is this some kind of sign?
Just 8 more hours and I'll drink til I'm fine!

[V 3]
There must be something more,
Each day's a endless battle in this meaningless war,
I just can't take your shit!
Shove that warning up your ass, I quit!
Track Name: My Best Friend Makes Bombs
My best friend makes bombs,
Biochemical arms,
He dreamed of being a doctor,
He never meant no harm,
But now, my best friend makes bombs

It started back when we were only kids,
Played puck on Barney's Pond,
Didn't give a fuck what else was going on.
Since then we lost that innocence,
But I guess in a sense,
Maybe we never had it all along.
And pressure filled those fucked up college years,
Every waking minute's one step,
Closer to our greatest fears.
Degree in hand, with a pile of debt,
It's time to find a fucking job,
And sell that soul if you haven't sold it yet.

What started out, with G.I. Joe's,
Turned into double dates,
And roadtrips through most every state.
Two fifth's of Jack and some cheap cigars,
Beneath Rhode Island stars,
We couldn't help but speculate.
What lies ahead, and why thing's gotta change,
I guess no one says they have to,
But I can't help feelin' strange.
One compromise will lead to more,
'Cuz satisfaction's guaranteed,
To those who give up what they're looking for.