Happy Accidents

by OC45

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released January 27, 2017



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OC45 Boston, Massachusetts

OC45 is a D.I.Y. punk band from Boston, MA. New full-length, "Happy Accidents" out 1/27/17. Check out www.OC45sucks.com for news, tour dates, and more.


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Track Name: Down We Go
Hold your fire, put down your guns, we’ve made peace with our skeletons. Battles lost, battles won, a life lived best kept on the run. The future isn’t written and we both know we’ve barely scratched the surface and down we go. No time for bullshit, no time for tricks. I closed my eyes, now I’m twenty-six. Live so fast I nearly lose my grip, but that’s not a problem that I need to fix. The future isn’t written and we both know, like asteroids, we’re spinning with no control. The future isn’t written and we both know we’ve barely scratched the surface and down we go
Track Name: Titled
We’re taught to be mindless, we’re taught to obey. We’re taught to be grateful for minimum wage. They tell us we’re lucky, they tell us we’re free, but it looks a whole lot more dystopian to me. Fuck that, we won’t go quietly. We’re two different sides of the same fucking coin. We’re fighting each other and missing the point. Clenched in the palms of the powers that be, too stupid to realize we can’t fucking breathe. Fuck that, we won’t go quietly. If you’re offended by riots, disorder, and rage, you’re right where they want you content in a cage believing you’re lucky, believing you’re free, believing there’s no place that you’d rather be. Fuck that, we won’t go quietly.
Track Name: This Bottle's Got Your Name On It
She said, “it’s getting cold here.” I said, “I’ll be right home, dear.” One sad fact still remains, before long, I’ll be gone again. On and on and on it goes, this struggle takes a toll and it shows. We’ll be fine, beat this one, too. But, for once, I don’t know what to do. I killed a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of wine. I can’t drink you off my mind. Keep telling myself that I’ve got to, truth is, maybe, I don’t want to. Heart’s like ice, twenty below, from stupid fights that only we know. And I’m not sure I’ll come around. I’m so damn tired of letting you down. I found another letter that you wrote, today. It’s too late to say I’m sorry. Lucky for me, there’s only one thing left to say. I got exactly what I wanted. I’m all alone and broken hearted. Yeah, it’s been a pretty tough year. I’m sorry we wound up here. Conditions changed and so have I, this is the last time that I’ll make you cry. I love you now, as I did then. Every word I said, I meant, but I can’t be the one you need. You deserve much more than me.
Track Name: 1's & 0's
I don’t wanna be alright. Maybe that’s what used to keep me up at night? Scared to death of normal life. White-picket prison, I think I’d rather roll the dice. The world is full of ones and zeros. More than anything, I’m just glad to be a weirdo. That kid could easily have died. I called myself out and I could’ve lied. I don’t wanna be complacent. Don’t wanna see another day spent sitting idly by, just the motions ‘til I die. Right now, if it were said and done, would you call yourself a zero or a one? The ‘X’ marks something else and this ship won’t steer itself.
Track Name: Keep Your Guns
Self-proclaimed vigilante patrolling our streets, protecting our neighbors, self-trained on the beat. His head’s on a swivel. He’s always alert. His god given duty, that no one get hurt by the evil among us, gangbangers and thugs; like this punk in a hoodie, who’s probably on drugs. What is he up to? He doesn’t belong in this part of town, I best tag along. Keep your fucking guns. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to shoot someone. Live your semi-automatic dreams, high-capacity magazines. Yeah, keep your fucking guns. The floorboards are creaking. It’s a quarter to two. You think you hear someone speaking. You know what you’ve gotta do. Your turn down the hallway, shotgun in hand. A dark figure starts running, it’s just like you planned. This trespasser’s dead meat. Home invaders are scum. Except this dead motherfucker looks a lot like your son. Bring your glock to the movies. Sit way up in the back. Celebrate open carry unless you’re Muslim or black. Let’s arm all the teachers. Invest in our schools ‘cuz when you’re armed to the teeth, you can write your own rules. There’s nothing to fear, no cause for concern. Things are different here. This ain’t Rome, we won’t burn. As long as we’ve got good guys with guns we can rest ‘cuz everybody’s Clint Eastwood in the new Wild West. It’s a new Wild West.
Track Name: Lady Death
She said, “they call me Lady Death” and, I said, “let’s go, baby” with my final breath ‘cuz I don’t stand a chance, I don’t fucking care. Brain’s gone bad, heart’s a bomb. I wanna die young, but it’s taking too long. Thanks in advance for the nightmare. She strikes like lightning. She’s an empire coming down. She’s a queen of nothing and I’m a lowlife with a crown. She’s coke and whiskey; unsafe at any speed. She’s fucking madness. She’s just what I need.
Track Name: Trainwreck
Fuck this shit, fuck everyone. Fuck this place, I’m fucking done. I’m too broke to give a fuck, I just wanna self-destruct. I don’t know how it came to this. Fingers worked to boney tips and everything still turns to shit. Bout time I figured out that every train I care about is bound to go flying off the rails. Fuck flat tires, fuck the van, fuck running out of gas again. Fuck a dollar, fuck a dream. Fuck here, fuck there, fuck in-between. I guess some days go pretty well, but today I woke up in a cell. Just one break, it’s all I need. Shit! They missed my bag of weed! Fuck the world.
Track Name: Dad's Home
Seventeen years old, marks the year that my life changed. I felt a lot of fear, experienced the pain. I never thought the strength that I knew could so suddenly fade. Twelve years of fighting for the good of family, it happened too soon, you were taken away. The day after Christmas, December, 26th, was when I said goodbye, didn’t realize this was it. You supported us for years and I want you to know, I’m looking back up as you’re looking below. You and I at Bruins games, will never be the same. It happened so soon, you were taken away. I never got to say goodbye the way I wanted to. I know you’ll always be with me. I’m never without you. The last time I saw you, you were laying so still. I’ll always remember the person you were, the father I knew.
Track Name: Is This Tomorrow
Propaganda, blatant lies, omissions seen through biased eyes. Simple information isn’t clear. Morality means less and less. Hey, I’m a Muslim! Tell the press. Ignorance, the byproduct of fear. I don’t wanna be another fool. Some mindless, spineless piece of shit under media rule. Right or wrong, just think for yourself. From the left and from the right, votes are cast for greed and spite. The people’s will becomes an afterthought. Fingers pointed, triggers cocked, the road to progress always blocked. Solutions rarely found, if ever sought. Lots of fancy verbs and nouns are misdirected, tossed around. The meaning’s less important than the bite. Sciolists in full effect, lauding hate and disrespect. McCarthy’s on the airwaves tonight
Track Name: New Regulations
Ask Tim Armstrong
Track Name: Philly
It’s time to start again. We’ve had a million ups, kid. And we’ve had our share of downs. Believe me when I say it’s just a rough skid, it all comes back around. And we all scratch on the eight ball. Bad luck or just bad shots. You’ll never win ‘em all, kid, but this game is all we’ve got. It’s time to start again. If you can’t get back up by yourself, just know you’ve got a friend. I know you feel alone now. And I know you’re fucking scared, but you’ve got nothing to worry about ‘cuz I’ll always be there.